Sunday, May 05, 2013

Testing and Learning on New Blogger Site

I've learned how to download some images.  Now I'm going to try and download others, from my see whether that is possible.

Here are some books I've published.  The research methods book just came out last week.  That's

Now I've learned how to upload images on my desktop, so now I have access to images in two places.
The question I have now is whether I can link my blogs together so I only have to do one.  I also have
to decide whether by blog here will be more suitable than my "Literary Life" one on Facebook.

Return from Lower Slobbovia

I have been blogging on Facebook, where I have a blog titled "Arthur Asa Berger and the Literary Life."  I forgot about this blog until I had a conversation with my daughter and then remembered I had done some blogging earlier.  I stopped because I didn't know how to upload images or previously written material.  Now I am going to see if I can upload images and maybe I'll start blogging on this site regularly.

I see, now, that it is easy to upload images...I will explore other new things one can do with this blog
and see what happens.