Sunday, February 18, 2007

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Posted by Picasa
Return of Decoder Man. I've been busy writing books and chasing about the world
but now, with a new version of Blogger that I can use more easily, I intend to return
to the blogger wars.

I've been speculating on the irony of our political situation...that we elected a president
who we would be more telegenic and now, so it seems, millions of people can't stand
to look at him. The Republicans put in a bumbler but someone who they thought could
win and help destroy the Democrats and now it seems he's destroying the Republicans.
Of course a lot of people think he wasn't elected but "selected" by the Supreme Court.
And so we're deep in a hole in Irac and 43 got us into...and he's made a terrible mess
of the middle east.

I am a confirmed ironist. When things are going too well, be careful...because there's
a good chance that something will happen to change things around. Reinhold Niebhuhr
wrote a book about the irony of American politics. He was right. Things have changed
since 43 pranced around on the aircraft carrier under a sign "mission accomplished."